Professional Development Credit (2008)

Please thoroughly read the PD expectations first.

Self-Serve PD Model

Organizers of the 2008 K-12 Online Conference are providing a mechanism for educators to earn formal professional development credits for documented learning from presentations shared in the 2008 conference. To facilitate the documentation and provision of PD credit to participants, a customized Wordpress plug-in has been developed for our conference which permits participants to submit presentation reflections as a blog comment. After being approved, participants can print a certificate which will include their submitted personal information (but NOT email address) as well as the text of their submitted reflection/comment. Links to posts on other blogs or online learning communities, videos shared online, or VoiceThread digital stories can also be included. This system is designed as a "self-serve PD model," with inherent accountability because printed participant certificates include submitted reflection content (text and links.)

Registration Procedures

Registration is not required to participate in the conference or receive professional development credit. Participants submit reflections and request certificates documenting their learning and participation in conference sessions by submitting their reflections (following the PD rubric) as blog comments.

PD Documentation Procedures

After viewing and reflecting on an individual presentation from either the 2008 K-12 Online Conference, to receive PD credit participants will be required to create a short reflection or other reflective media product which meets the requirements of the PD rubric. In addition, each participant will be required to submit the reflection or a link to the reflective media product as a blog comment on the conference website/blog post for that specific session. Submitted reflections and comments are subject to moderator approval, so there will likely be some delay in submitted reflections/comments appearing on the conference blog. After a comment submitted for PD credit for a session is approved on the conference blog, participants will be able to display and print a certificate including the details from their submission. One hour of PD credit is recommended for each "non-keynote" conference presentation successfully viewed and reflected on, per the PD rubric. 1.5 hours (90 minutes) of PD credit is recommended for keynote conference presentations. Five keynotes are shared during the conference: One pre-conference keynote and four conference keynotes, one per strand. School districts are welcome to modify or create their own rubrics (and link them to this wiki) if district leaders want teachers to follow alternate guidelines when writing reflections or creating reflective media products.

Conference PD Database Link

For the 2008 K-12 Online Conference, the professional development reflection submission process has been integrated into the commenting feature of our primary conference website and blog. ( A separate PD database link is therefore NOT available. Refer to each conference presentation post to view presentation reflections and add new reflections.

A separate PD tracker database was utilized during the 2007 K-12 Online Conference, and remains online for archival/historical review. Link to the 2007 PD Tracker Database: