Rubric for self-reflection

Professional Development Record


Use this rubric to help you maintain a professional development record of the K12 Online sessions you attend. We suggest you use this rubric for each session individually and for the conference as a whole. We hope that this approach will both inform your professional practice and any applications you make for a new job or an educational course.


  1. Your name
  2. Name of session
  3. Conference strand
  4. (a) Main points made ("Takeaways"); (b) Questions the participant has now after viewing the presentation
  5. URLs of session and further resources
  6. What did you gain from the session in terms of your personal professional development? (See "Methodology" below)
  7. How will you apply the learning to your professional situation. This may include both "quick wins" and longer-term changes. Bear in mind that it would be useful to plan changes in a way that allows you to measure their impact. This will often entail stating the outcomes as questions you want to be answered.
  8. What other resources, including reading material, are relevant to this?


Here are some suggestions for the format of your answers to numbers 6 to 8 above. Note that these are suggestions, and may not be acceptable in your particular circumstances. If we've left any out, feel free to add your own suggestions.
  • A short video (5 to 10 minutes long), accessible from a site such as TeacherTube
  • A short digital story created with VoiceThread, BubbleShare, or another website permitting voice-annotated images
  • A narrated digital story created with a software tool like PhotoStory3, Moviemaker, or iMovie.
  • A short podcast
  • A short presentation
  • As a blog post to a personal blog or a social networking site
  • As a page on a wiki site created by the participant
  • You may wish to use Social bookmarking to share resources (Q8)

Participants are responsible for insuring the content (both images and audio) used in their web-posted reflection complies with copyright / intellectual property laws. Use of Creative Commons licensed images in published digital stories is encouraged.