Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why have you integrated PD reflection submissions into the blog this year?

In 2007, we attempted to create an external database (using php/mySQL) for the submission of participant reflections. This was a huge and complex undertaking. Since our conference does not have a budget or any money to pay a developer, like other conference activities this task was undertaken entirely by volunteers. We made good progress on this initiative, but one problem with this system was that it required participants to register on a website separate from our main conference blog and website. It also fragmented discussions relating to conference presentations, because links to shared reflections were not included on the conference blog. The PD committee decided this year to integrate the reflection submission process into the blog as a Wordpress plug-in, so the submission of reflections could be done more easily, with less steps, in a more simple procedure which would not require as much development and tweaking. We use a blog (Wordpress) as the content management system for our conference, and integrating PD reflection submissions made sense to better aggregate and amplify the discussions taking place after conference presentations are published.

Is graduate credit available for the 2008 K-12 Online Conference as it was in 2007 and 2006?

Not yet. The professional development committee is working on options for graduate credit for the 2008 conference. Information about graduate credit options for 2007 is available, but those credit options are NOT currently available.

Will you share the plug-in you are using with Wordpress for reflection subsmissions?

Yes, most likely. The volunteer developer who is assisting us is still making some changes to the plug-in at this writing, but we do anticipate being able to share this with our community. This plug-in should allow anyone to make a Wordpress blog into a professional development reflection submission tool, to document learning and award professional development in similar ways as K-12 Online.